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Toolk-IT has been created out of the growing need for a knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy IT company that manages specialists across all areas of IT to meet the goals of our loyal clients.


IT is evolving, data is more valuable than ever, our working from home set ups are becoming the majority not the minority, therefore IT support must also diversify with the times. Working with industry specialists in their fields to ensure our clients have permanent access to the best advice, solutions and protection available is our mission.


From cyber security, to helpdesk support, to broadband and communications, Toolk-IT is your library of knowledge and experience that will ensure your IT provisions are right for your business, reducing risk and maximising productivity.

Toolk-IT IT Support Logo
Commercial Energy Toolk-IT Logo
Toolk-IT Broadband Logo


We are your go to for any business IT support needs, including:


IT Helpdesk

Supply Hardware

Cyber Security

Equipment Configuration



VoIP Telephony Systems

Migration Projects



From SOCKET TO SCREEN, Toolk-IT looks after what your business needs. 

With an ever increasing need to reduce costs across all business sectors, we are supporting our clients to save on their commercial energy bills. 

We are a trusted partner of Full Power Utilities, allowing us to broker the best energy for our clients.


We provide mobile broadband solutions to maximise performance and security working from home. 

Whether your teams work fully remote, from satellite offices, or have the flexibility to work from home, we can help take the security of the office with them.


Operate remotely with peace of mind.



The Japanese culture, disciplines and work ethic are all values that align with the core principles of Toolk-IT. Toolk-IT is a shield of security and safety for your business, looking after your IT provision and working together with clients to ensure they are protected against threat and risk. 


It was imperative that the brand reflect our Japanese synergies. We use the Koi Fish as a symbol of our brand, this is embodied through our logos', linking the visual shapes and colours to those found in Koi. 

  • Koi Fish meaning in Japan is good fortune or luck they also are associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose, the Koi fish symbolise good luck, abundance and perseverance;

  • Symbolic in Buddhism is to represent courage;

  • Today the fish are considered to be symbolic of advancement materially and spiritually.

According to Japanese legend, if a Koi fish succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon. Based on that legend, it became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement.

Another legend states that the Koi climb the waterfall bravely, and if they are caught, they face their death on the cutting board bravely like a samurai.


One of the primary reasons the fish is symbolic in Japanese culture is because it is known for swimming upstream no matter what the conditions are. These fish are even said to swim up waterfalls. This is viewed as an absolute show of power because they will continue to swim upstream as if on a mission. They cannot be distracted or deterred by anything. 

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