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What do I get with from the IT Helpdesk?

- Unlimited IT telephone support
- Unlimited IT remote support
- 24-hour IT system monitoring
- Server management & maintenance Ongoing computer maintenance
- Support for printers & networking equipment Backup management

- Virus removal
- Warranty management Annual system audit
- Annual security assess

Any help and support you need with your IT systems and equipment is covered. We’re there for the day-to-day care whenever you need us, but we’ll also check on your medium to long-term IT health without you even asking us to. We will monitor your system remotely, 24 hours a day and once a year we will diarise an IT health check to ensure that your system is still operating to maximum efficiency.

Daily help at hand

Unlimited telephone and remote support; backup management and virus removal; computer maintenance.


Ongoing help

24-hour system monitoring; server management and maintenance; support for printers and networking equipment.


Your long-term IT health

Annual system audit; annual security assessment and warranty management.


VoIP Phone Systems 

VoIP allows you to make low cost or even no cost telephone calls and receive calls through a range of newer and more flexible ways, through a telephone system that uses just your internet connection. Unlike traditional telephone systems that are run through the copper wires, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) runs through your existing internet and requires no onsite equipment. Ring any telephone or mobile in the world and receive calls from any phone in the world, just like you would with a traditional fixed line – the equipment or network being used by the other person is of no relevance.

Key points and benefits:

  • Gain instant access to quality business grade calling features

  • Reduce your operating costs, call costs and overheads

  • Get started quickly with little to no capital outlay

  • Manage your entire service and number configuration online

  • Make and receive calls from anywhere with the internet – or forward to any mobile or landline

  • Handle calls through a VoIP phone, your mobile or PC/Mac

We are able to provide intermediary support with your VoIP phone system along with assessing your current provision to ensure it is fit for your business. We'll happily make recommendations and also keep you up to date with advancements in the market to ensure your tech is right for you.



With 2020 being the year that the world moved to working from home, our teams are no longer sat behind the secure walls of the office and are, in the majority, managing to carry out their role in vulnerable environments, behind home networks that do not provide the protection of those within the office. 

We will assist and support you in securing your business through our RemoteSafe offering, which includes:

Cyber Essentials Standard

Cyber Essentials Plus

Phishing Scan 

Dark Web Scan 


What is Cyber Essentials (CE)?


Cyber Essentials standard is a self-assessment certification designed to give you a better understanding of your network’s security posture, and it’s a great starting point to show you’re taking security seriously.


What are the advantages of achieving your CE certification?


  • Reassure customers that you are working to secure your IT against cyber attack

  • Attract new business with the promise you have cyber security measures in place

  • You have a clear picture of your organisation's cyber security level

  • Some Government contracts require Cyber Essentials certification


Cyber Essentials Plus


What is Cyber essentials Plus (CE Plus)?


Cyber Essentials Plus is an-onsite security audit of your organisations computer systems and should not be confused with Cyber Essentials standard, which is simply a self-assessment questionnaire and offers little to no protection to your network. With CE Plus, a portion of the network is tested as opposed to the whole network.


Firewalls  I  Patch Management  I  Access Control  I  Secure Configuration I  Malware Protection


Firewalls - Firewalls need to be properly set up to prevent unauthorised access to your internal networks


Patch Management - Software and operating systems should be regularly updated to fix known vulnerabilities


Malware Protection - Anti-malware software should be installed to protect your computers, important data and privacy


Secure Configuration - Computers and network devices should be configured to minimise vulnerabilities and provide only the services required


Access Control - User accounts should be assigned only to authorised individuals, be managed effectively, and provide the minimum level of access


Achieving your cyber certifications with us ensures a hassle free experience; we will guide you through the process and advise you on what you’d actually need to achieve your certification with ease.

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